What Are PAICR Mini-conferences?

Our 2017 Annual Conference highlighted the increasing need for our firms and teams to take a more agile approach to marketing…to build, measure, learn, and repeat. So for 2018, we’ve decided to adopt the lesson – which means we’re planning to replace our usual two-day Annual Conference with a series of half-day mini-conferences in different locations around the U.S.
What you need to know:
Our first mini-conferences will be in Boston on Friday, September 21 and in Los Angeles on Monday, September 24.
Why are we doing this?
  • Mini-conferences bring PAICR closer to you…giving you and your team easier access to high-quality professional development and training, packaged in a more flexible, convenient, and timely format
  • Mini-conferences prove that less can be more…because we plan to bring you the same level of expertise and knowledge as our larger conference – just more tightly-focused

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