2014 RFP Symposium

2014 RFP Conference
Understanding Today’s Selection Process

May 19, 2014
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
New York Hilton Hotel, New York
Understanding Today’s Selection Process – External Customer Perspective
Morning Concurrent Breakout Sessions
  • Effective RFP  & Database Teams: Structuring for Efficiency
  • Project Management 101:  Preparing an RFP from A-Z
  • Target Market Segmenting
  • Executive Summary Development – “Briefly Describe in Detail”
  • Increase Chances of Winning RFPs by Better Selection and Qualifying Process
Early Afternoon Concurrent Breakout Sessions
  • Core Content Management for RFPs
  • Navigating Industry Terms
  • SEC Scrutiny/Compliance & Legal Regulations
  • Vetting Vendors to Support RFP & Database Efforts
  • Navigating the Database Landscape
Understanding Today’s Selection Process – Internal Customer Perspective
Late Afternoon Concurrent Breakout Sessions
  • Consultant Perspective on Surveys, Provider Profiles and Service Questionnaires
  • RFP Metrics/Measurement
  • Seeing All Sides of the Database: A Day in the Life of a Database Consultant
  • Career Development and Pathing
Effective Communication and Proposal Process Refinement
Reception Following Symposium


2014 RFP Symposium Presentations