2016 Annual Conference Presentations

2016 PAICR Annual Conference Agenda

The Passion Conversation: Sparking & Sustaining Word of Mouth: John Moore – Strategy Conductor at Brains on Fire

Using Client Data to Inform the Buyers’ Journey: Aundreia Heisey – Product Marketing Director, Financial Services at Seismic, Inc.

Increase AUM with Marketing Automation: Joe Paone – Manager, SMB Marketing at Marketo

Building a Successful Team: Michael Adelman – Head of Creative at Lazard Asset Management

Leveraging Technology to Promote Team Efficiency: Deb Well –  Director of E-Business at Harbor Capital Advisers, Inc.

Marketing The “Less Human Is More” Approach – Robo Advisors:  Daniella Boni – Marketing Director at Callan Capital

Is Your Social Media Really Social?: Dan Connell – Managing Director at Greenwich Associates, Julia Robinson – Marketing Associate at Principal Global Investors, Omri Ben-Amos – VP, Marketing at ClearBridge Investments

Evolving Your Marketing Strategy in a Digital World: Dominica Ribeiro – Head of Institutional Marketing, North America at State Street Global Advisors

Developing a Marketing Organization to Power an Engaging Blog: Anu Heda, Co-founder and Partner with Naissance

Mobile Marketing: Tucker Slosburg – President at Lyceus Group

Team Productivity and Effectiveness: Ray Lewis – Global Marketing Communications Manager at Brandes Investment Partners, Imani Panton – RFP Unit Manager at ICMA-RC

Personalizing Your Message: It’s Not What You Want to Say That Counts, It’s What They Need to Hear: Stan Adler – Owner, Stan Adler Associates

What’s Your UBER?: Tom Morrison – CEO of MTI Management

Cross Training Your Team: Ray Lewis – Global Marketing Communications Manager at Brandes Investment Partners, Katie Henry – Production Manager at Brandes Investment  Partners, Cathy McLagan – Head of RFPs and Consultant Databases at Invesco

Managing and Leading: Skills for Being a Great Boss: Kylelane Purcell – President at Purcell Communications